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I find it really quite bizarre that a band I saw, not two years ago, playing in the upstairs room of a not-particularly-salubrious Brighton pub, having been dragged along because the drummer's girlfriend's brother was a good friend of mine at the time... now have at least one LJ fan community devoted to them and get mentioned in Q and NME and all over the place.

The band's British Sea Power, if anyone was wondering. This all feels very odd and surreal, but I guess it isn't really...

The stage - such as it was, it was more of a "space with no chairs in it and possibly a platform" - was covered in twigs and stuffed owls then, too.
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...Hm. I just got a letter from my high school technology teacher, and apparently I'm now a "registered inventor". Because when I was sixteen, I played a small part in the design of a sliding spyhole thing, and my name's one of those on the patent application.

I'd forgotten all about that. Heh.
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All of my shoes are disintegrating. Except the boots I bought when I was fourteen (nine years, ack), which were second-hand when I got them.

What's up with that?


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