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So I just gave notice on my temp assignment - quit my job, effectively, even though they don't have any part-time work for me yet.

Leap of faith time.
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So guess what.

There is an Admissions training course the NHS runs, for staff who need to add patients to waiting lists for inpatient procedures. This is not a course I've done, as the only official training the NHS has given me is half a day in the use of EPR.

In spite of this fairly important fact, I would now appear to be the person who adds patients to the waiting lists for my department, as well as apparently being the only person who does any Hepatology typing ever.

Well, fuck that. Tomorrow or Monday, I'm calling the agency, giving my notice and explaining exactly why, and asking them to put me onto part-time work.
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I'm going to quit my job before it makes me even crazier than it is. Planning to go part-time and do voluntary work the rest of the time, for the experience to add to my CV.

Anyone got any recommendations for voluntary work to do in London?
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So... my work Internet filter won't let me view a slash website, but it will let me look at Attitude? What's up with that?
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...My boss just randomly walked in, gave me a cookie and went away again.

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So I'm told my temp job will be ending on 1 January.

This is highly convenient, because it means I won't have to ask for time off to go to New York, just tell the agency I don't want a new placement for a couple of weeks.

Yay. :)
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I am rapidly coming to hate my boss. According to her, it's not how far back the backlog of my work goes - which is a maximum of six days, say thankya, and that's not bad, she said so herself - it's the appearance of how much there is. Even though I'm doing at least two-thirds of the typing for the department by myself. When Viviette was doing my job, I was helping her out and she still couldn't keep the box empty. And they're running more clinics now than they were then.

And on top of it all, Boss Bitch said she'd help me with doing the mailouts, which takes at least as much time as the typing, "if she got time", and never did. And someone has to do it, and if I'm doing that I can't be reducing the typing backlog, can I?

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...I just got pounced by a random four-year-old in a party dress. In my office.

No idea who she was, but there seems to be some kind of event going on and she ran in and jumped on me.

Very cute, if slightly startling.
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Mother to approximately-eight-year-old daughter: I'm so proud of you! You just got your first filling!

Now, I'm sure she just meant the girl'd been brave while she got it done, but the above is exactly what she said. OMGWTF.


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