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My printer is an evil bitch machine from hell.

First we have the thing where EVERY SINGLE PAGE I have tried to print all day has jammed, eventually forcing me to call IT and get a technician to come out and a temporary connection to the other office printer. Then we have the bit where it is refusing to do anything. At all. Documents are just not going to the print queue.

And now there is another piece of paper jammed behind the cartridge from where I tried to print a test page, and I can see it, but I cannot get it out.

*throws printer out the window*
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Tech-types, help meee.

Is there any reason why our newly installed broadband should not be letting me update LJ (sometimes) and access Hotmail, or is it just the two sites coincidentally acting up?
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Dad finally caved and got broadband installed. Downside? For some reason we don't fully understand, it is not connecting at all on the computer that has the Trillian that doesn't hate Y!M. Yet. We will make it do so, but it might be a few days apparently.

So, until we beat it into submission, anyone who usually talks to me on Y!M and doesn't see me online when I usually am, I probably am, on AIM, and you can reach me there or on LJ.

EDIT: Could one of you who has a Hotmail account please tell me if Hotmail itself is down, or if this is another wrinkle we need to smooth out of the broadband?


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