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So I just gave notice on my temp assignment - quit my job, effectively, even though they don't have any part-time work for me yet.

Leap of faith time.
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So guess what.

There is an Admissions training course the NHS runs, for staff who need to add patients to waiting lists for inpatient procedures. This is not a course I've done, as the only official training the NHS has given me is half a day in the use of EPR.

In spite of this fairly important fact, I would now appear to be the person who adds patients to the waiting lists for my department, as well as apparently being the only person who does any Hepatology typing ever.

Well, fuck that. Tomorrow or Monday, I'm calling the agency, giving my notice and explaining exactly why, and asking them to put me onto part-time work.
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I'm going to quit my job before it makes me even crazier than it is. Planning to go part-time and do voluntary work the rest of the time, for the experience to add to my CV.

Anyone got any recommendations for voluntary work to do in London?
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Just heard from my grandmother that my cousin lost one of her babies.

They would have been twins.
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The ceiling of my room just collapsed.

For no apparent reason.

WTF, world?
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To those who might be worried by my absence online yesterday and probably tonight, yes, I'm alive.

My home phone line, however, is not. It seems that there was some fault on the line yesterday, and in digging up the road to look at it late Thursday night, the repair team managed to make a rather large hole in the cable with a pole.

Estimated repair time is now tomorrow. No, I don't know exactly when. I might get back online tonight at some point, but don't hold your breath.
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Kenneth Bigley is dead.

My thoughts - all of ours, I'd hope - are with his family tonight.

One more innocent victim...
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...Hm. I just got a letter from my high school technology teacher, and apparently I'm now a "registered inventor". Because when I was sixteen, I played a small part in the design of a sliding spyhole thing, and my name's one of those on the patent application.

I'd forgotten all about that. Heh.
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For anyone who might have been expecting to see me online tonight (Lauren, specifically, but anyone else who might be looking for me):

Apparently we're going out for Italian food tonight, because my little sister leaves for three weeks in Sri Lanka tomorrow, and then will be home for less than a day before she has to go to Manchester and university.

My mother, apparently, has no concept of telling people that she's made plans for them before the actual day, so that they can do things like wash their hair etc. She told me we were going out at 6.30 this morning, when I wasn't in a state to do much more than go "Bzuh? Okay..." at her. And I will have approximately half an hour to get ready in, which sort of precludes washing my hair if I want it to be dry and myself to be dressed before they want to go.

But it can't be helped. The Fizzbit will be gone by dinnertime tomorrow, and will probably be too busy packing to go out for lunch if she's even still here, so it really has to be tonight or not at all. Ah well.
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All of my shoes are disintegrating. Except the boots I bought when I was fourteen (nine years, ack), which were second-hand when I got them.

What's up with that?


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