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Dammit, I want to go to Kansas. :(
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Only a few people will understand this, but it is a thing that makes me oddly happy.

Canon is so our bitch.
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It's really kind of bizarre to have Neil Gaiman tell you how to get back in touch with old friends you dropped out of contact with.
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Okay, so. There's these two people, both of whom I consider dear friends and both of whom I care about very much, who are both under a great deal of RL stress just now, whether it's because of school, or a number of other factors all piling up on them.

And last night, they just hit each other all the wrong ways, and badness ensued. Things were said, quite possibly on both sides, that shouldn't have been, and I'd be willing to bet that the fact that both of them were under a lot of stress and having a generally sucky day led to some of those things being taken harder than they otherwise would have been. And, as far as I can gather, they inadvertently broke each other.

So what I'm asking, because I think both these people know who they are, is that when they feel better, they talk to each other and try to work this out. I'm not asking you to brush it all under the carpet, or forgive each other instantly (it'd be nice, but I know it may not be possible), just... talk. For me, if not for yourselves.

I'd really rather not see you both being hostile at each other (or miserable) because you were both having a bad day and things got out of hand. Not if this thing can be resolved.

EDIT: I am not going to be taking sides in this thing if I can help it. I love you both, which is precisely why I refuse to pick a side here, especially not having pieced together the full story from both of you.
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I'm bored. And vaguely pissed off, but that may be more-than-not because I'm sick and sleep-deprived, and I have now deleted several successive versions of this post, because I am not going to be passive-aggressively cryptic, dammit!

Argh. There goes another one. I give up.

Nobody who is likely to be reading this sucks. Nobody. There, not saying any more, because if I do it'll turn into a huge rant of crypticness. And I don't want to do that.


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